Why More Men Are Becoming Stay-at-Home Dads

Traditionally, the stay-at-home parent has been the mother, but many modern fathers have
become a nurturing parent to their children as well. It is now more common than it has been in
the past for the father to be the stay-at-home parent. These fathers learn the skills needed to care
for children, and some children who grow up with a stay-at-home dad learn to be less stressed,
have better social skills, and are less fearful.
You are a first-year undergraduate who has been invited to share your views on the issue of stay at home parents with your classmates. Prepare a 5-minute talk to persuade the general public
that men who are stay-at-home dads should be supported although men are typically viewed as
the breadwinners.
To help you prepare for the speech,
• Watch two video clips:
1) Why More Men Are Becoming Stay-at-Home Dads
2) What I’ve learned being a stay at home dad
• Read the article titled ‘Sacrifice for the family: Representation and practice of stay-at home
fathers in the intersection of masculinity and class in Hong Kong’, which is
accessible at https://doi.org/10.1080/09589236.2015.1111200

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