1.We will BE ON TIME.
2.We will come to class prepared to LEARN.
3.We will always give 100% and plus.
4.We will be RESPECTFUL to others and equipment.
5.We will LISTEN.

  2. Never give up!!
    These are the activities that will be carried out regularly in class.
  3. Dressing into P.E. uniform.
    2.Taking Role.
    3.Late students.
    4.Brief Introduction to daily activity.
    5.Warm-up / Stretch.
    6.Water and Restroom breaks.
  4. Dressing out of P.E. uniform.
    This is how the class will go about carrying out the routines on a regular basis.
    Dressing in: Students will have about 5 minutes to dress into uniform/P.E. clothing before class.
    After dressing into clothing the students will come to the designated area and sit in their assigned
    seat to wait for role.
    Taking Role: Students will have and assigned seating arrangement and they are to sit in that
    location when role is being taken. If students are not in their given location they will be marked
    absent or tardy.
    Late Students: For every late student the whole class will do 5 jumping jacks or any other fitness
    Introduction to daily activity: Students will remain in their designated seat while an overview of
    the daily lesson is given. This will ensure that all students are in the same area and they know
    what is expected for them that day.
    Warm-up / Stretch: Students will jog 1 or 2 laps and end back in their assigned seat. The
    students will then wait for further warming-up or stretching directions given by instructor.
    Water and Restroom breaks: Depending on the location of water fountains and bathrooms,
    students will be able to use them as needed after informing the instructor. If the water fountains
    and bathrooms are further from the learning area, students will be excused in groups throughout
    the lesson as needed.
    Closure: At the end of the lesson students will gather up the equipment and bring it in to
    instructor. They will take a seat in roll call order to discuss the factors of that day’s activity.
    Students will be dismisses from the learning area.
    Dressing out of P.E. uniform: After students being dismissed from the learning area they will
    able to shower and change out of their P.E. clothes.
    *Please sign and date the following sheet. Must be signed and turned in before participating in
    I __________________, have read and understood the
    following information. The rules, the daily routines and the procedures
    of those routines. I understand that I will be held accountable if I choose
    not to follow them and will bear the consequences that are given as the

Students Printed Name

Students Signature Date

Parent or Guardian Printed Name

Parent or Guardian Signature Date

  1. SAFETY FIRST: To apply safety in the lessons there will be a day set apart dedicated to
    practicing this rule. The teacher will set up 3 stations where there is different sports
    equipment. The students will then be divided into 3 or 4 different groups and asked to go
    to a station. Station 1 will have hockey sticks and pucks; in this station the students will
    have to remember to keep the blade of the hockey stick down and they will also practice
    striking and aiming to a target, goal is not to hurt or hit their fellow classmates. Station 2
    will have baseball gloves and softballs; in this station the students will practice the proper
    way of throwing so they won’t hurt themselves also they will practice aiming to their
    partner’s glove for accuracy. Station 3 will contain soccer balls; in this station the
    students will practice their kicks for accuracy and firmness they are to only aim at their
    partner. When switching stations teacher will blow whistle then the students will put
    whatever equipment they have in their hands on the floor and they will take a seat on the
    floor and wait for further instructions given. If any of the students get hurt during a
    regular lesson any day; the students will stop, put their equipment down and take a seat
    on the floor.
  2. Dressing into and out of P.E. uniform: Students will practice this by doing it repeatedly
    while being timed. The first round students will be able to dress at their own pace, once
    all students are at the meeting area and in roll call order they will be sent back into the
    locker rooms to put their regular clothing on. Once they return to meeting area, again
    they will be sent back to dress into their P.E. clothes, this time with a time limit. They
    will continue back and forth until they can dress and be ready in roll call order in the
    meeting area in 5 minutes.
  3. Late students: The whole class will be doing fitness exercises whenever there is an
    invalid excused for a tardy student. In about every class there might be a tardy student
    every day, so the students will get a component of fitness ever in the lesson. The way to
    practice this will be to ask the students to scatter around the playground and remain there
    until the teacher blows the whistle. When the whistle is blown the students will have 30
    seconds to run back into their seat. For each student that arrives after the 30 seconds the
    whole class will do 5 push-ups or 5 sit-ups, 5 jumping jacks or any other exercise that the
    students can do.
  4. Warm-up / Stretch: The warm-up and stretch will be a routine that the students will learn
    in the beginning of the school year. First the students will arrive at the meeting area
    dressed and ready for physical education. They will wait for the teacher to tell them to
    take a lap or two. When they arrive back to their sitting seats the students will sit and
    reach, quad stretch, arm cross chest, touch toes, etc. they will practice this for a while
    until everyone know the different stretches and the other they will go as well as how
    many seconds they will be holding the stretch

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