School of Hospitality and Tourism         

                               Assignment A3: Create an Online Travel Agency Business Plan

Grade Value: 10%                                                                                                             Due: March 16, 2022                                                                                                                                             


 You have graduated from Seneca College’s SoHT and currently work in a travel call center as a TICO certified Travel Agent for the past 5 years. You have dreamed of being a business owner and made the decision to open an Online Travel Agency Business in Ontario, Canada. You must follow the e-commerce Rules & Regulations identified on TICO’s website and include them in your business plan.

 Refer to Week 6 PowerPoint posted on Learn@Seneca for additional resources and information plus the 7 supporting documents posted on your Learn@Seneca Assignment tab with valuable content to assist.

 The Task:

 Review the ACTA Canadian Home-Based Travel Agencies document to determine which Host Agency you would like to pursue. Create a business plan to include the following components:

1Title Page: Company Name, Logo & Tagline & Seneca SignatureCreate a name for your travel agency, tagline and logo. Use free software programs like WIX if you are not creative./10 Marks
2Executive SummaryComplete last, but submit as the 2nd document after your title page. A business plan is developed from the bottom up, so you need to work out all the details before you can write the summary/15 Marks
3Marketing PlanInclude a competitive SWOT analysis and 3 Marketing plans you will implement to get your business started. Refer to 3 supporting docs posted for more details and insights./20 Marks
4Key Management BioThis is your personality profile. Refer to Quick Tips-Creating an Online BIO./15 Marks
5Financial PlanInclude:  • the details of the TICO registration process, legal requirements and fees to start an Online Travel Agency Business in Ontario, Canada.  • All other associate startup costs  • Working Capital Budget for the 1st 3 years of operation  • Host Agency Fees and Administrative Costs/20 Marks
6Host AgencyList the top 5 reasons summarizing your choice of Host Agency to start your travel business./10 Marks
7Business Plan Document /10 Marks
   /100 Marks
Business Plan DocumentExcellent  5 MarksSatisfactory  3 MarksNeeds Work  1 MarksUnsatisfactory  0 Mark
Organization Flow, Messaging and Subject KnowledgeStudents present information in a logical, interesting sequence. Shows a full understanding of the topic. Outside resources used. Student exceeded assignment requirements.Students present information that is interesting. Shows a good understanding of the topic. Covers all necessary information. Met all requirements.Difficulty following because the information is not clear. Shows some understanding of parts of the topic. Some of the requirements have been met.There is no logical sequence of information. Doesn’t seem to understand topic very well. Has not met the minimum requirements of the assignment.
Assignment FormatStudents have followed all the assignment guidelines and more.Students have adequately followed all the assignment guidelines.Student have somewhat followed the assignment guidelines, but key elements are missing.Students did not follow the guidelines.

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