Essay Question 2022

 Some developmental psychologists have suggested that infants possess \”core knowledge\” about the world. Evaluate this idea using evidence from the domains of moral psychology and the psychology of number.

Important points;

1) YOUR ESSAY IS DE AT 12 noon on Thursday the 17th of March 2022.

2) The essay has a strict word limit of 1200 words (not including the reference list at the end). Please do not exceed this word limit.

3) Make sure you stay focused on the question asked do not try to alter it. Support your argument with evidence from the literature and be sure to provide clear definitions of all important concepts.

4. With only 1200 words you must try to get to the point quickly. We do not expect you to review the entire literature on this topic but we do expect a coherent and logical argument. Write as if your reader were a well-educated friend who has only a little knowledge of psychology. What background information would they need to know to understand the points you are making and the evidence you are presenting? Be sure to make these things explicit in your writing.

5) Try to take on board feedback offered by tutors on previous essays before submitting this one. Study skills activity 3 is designed to help you with this. Additionally, do take advantage of getting feedback from your tutor on your essay plan for this course, by submitting a one-page draft outline.

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