As a project team conduct internet research to find at least 5 real-life Australian projects where the leadership styles of the team members and stakeholders in that project are evident. You may also choose projects that you have knowledge of in your workplace, but they must be appropriate and recent. If you have any doubt, please contact your lecturer.

1. Develop an appropriate project leadership ranking system, by choosing key project leadership criteria found in the models covered in the unit. The ranking system will typically have 3-5 leadership criteria, which the group considers crucial to good project leadership.

2. Record (in detail) what the criteria are that you have included in your leadership ranking system, and explain their relevance to both project leadership theory, and to practical project management.

Then for each of the Australian projects you chose during your research, undertake the following activities:

3. Rank the team members and stakeholders in each of your identified projects, according to the project leadership ranking system of criteria that you have developed.

4. Describe the team members and stakeholders in each real-life project with sufficient detail to show a link between project leadership theory, practical project management, and project success.

5. Draw all of these activities together with a series of lessons learned, a conclusion, and any appropriate recommendations.

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