Persuasive Communication Plan

Step 1: Background information + objective(s)

My role: I am a marketing officer of XXX Company. One of my job duties is to promote different products to potential customers through different means.
The situation: My company has recently launched a new product, and I need to promote this product to a specific group of customers through a chosen communication channel, i.e., email.
Objectives: I hope that the communication can raise customers’ interest in the new product and eventually buy the product.

Step 2: Audience types and needs

Primary audience: The primary audience of this communication is XXX.
Secondary/Hidden audience:
Informational needs: The communication provides a range of information about the product to ensure that the customers are well-informed to make decisions.
Motivational needs: To encourage customers to inquire further about the product or purchase it, a time-limited, promotional offer will be mentioned in the communication.
Practical needs: To ensure that the communication stands out so that the intended messages can effectively reach the target audience, the email will be concisely using, for example, short paragraphs, highlighted words and phrases, lists, etc.

Step 3: Credibility

The email will be sent from the company’s official email domain. It will also feature the company’s official logos, a link that connects to the company’s official webpage, etc. to enhance the credibility of the communication.