Odebrecht industry analysis

Consider the construction firm Odebrecht, which ou have been assigned in your case study. We expect you to primarily use the information provided in the case. You will need to demonstrate you understand the theoritical and applied concepts taught in the class. Please apply academic concepts, academic papers ( in the apendix below), frameworks and models in your analysis and explain why you chose them.

The three questions you will need to address are;

  1. When should Odebrecht consider doing an industry analysis? How would you conduct an analysis if you were hired by Odebrecht as a consultant?
  2. Odebrecht has historically benefitted from the adoption of innovation to grow. Which innovation would you propse for the company to recoup market share?
  3. There has been a great loss of trust and relationships by the company in recent years. Which marketing objectives would you recommend them to prioritixe in the next three years.

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