THE BRIEF/INSTRUCTIONS   M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of visual culture in Tsim Sha Tsui, will open to the public on Friday, 12 November 2021. The premises comprise a cultural institution with museum functions focusing on 20th to 21st century visual culture, and an exhibition centre with focus on arts and culture and creative industry. It also recommended to develop the district as a low-density development with ample open space embracing a vibrant harbourfront for public enjoyment and closely connected with neighbourhood community. To realize the West Kowloon Cultural District’s (WKCD) vision, the Management Committee also recommended that the Government adopt timely measures to enhance the development of cultural software and human ware in Hong Kong.   The WKCD currently directly employs several hundred cleaning and catering staff. These staff are involved in routine out-of-hours cleaning operations in the various venues and offices and there are also several cleaning staff employed throughout the day to clean and clear premises after use. The main role of the catering staff is to provide hospitality services in the café and to run the on-site staff restaurant.   The standard of work provided by both services is reasonable but there have been some complaints recently about the standard of cleaning and quality of food provided. There is a general feeling that quality could be better in such a high-profile building. There is also little co-ordination between the services. There has been a recent incident where a venue was used and catering provided and then on completion of the event, refreshment was delivered for the next event due to take place. The cleaners then arrived to clean the venue and contaminated the food provided for the next event.   The WKCD is considering entering into a contract with an external service provider with the aim of improving the standards of both services. Cleaning standards are extremely important in this building, especially the spread of current pandemic of COVID-19 still developing and budgets are tightly monitored.   Following from the above criticisms, the Management Committee of WKCD is now considering measures (i.e. the appointment of an Facilities Management consultant) that could advise the outsourcing of cleaning and catering services in the M+ Museum. As the newly appointed Facilities Management consultant for WKCD, you have been asked to prepare a report to the General Manager of the Facilities Management Department in the WKCD to advise them on their options for outsourcing the cleaning and catering functions.   Your report is likely to consider, but is not limited to, the following:   Discussion on the key attributes for the Management Committee to consider in the outsourcing of cleaning and catering services in the M+.(30 Marks)Evaluation and discussion on steps the WKCD could put in place for the successful outsourcing of cleaning and catering services in the M+ (50 Marks)Description on potential changes caused by COVID-19 in the delivery of cleaning and catering services in the M+. (10 Marks)Overall presentation – communication skills; appropriate formatting of report; quality of references using the Harvard style and free from plagiarism. (10 Marks)   Learning Outcomes Assessed (from the Module Descriptor, available on Blackboard):   LO1 Develop an overview of the role of the facilities manager with a view to participation in corporate activity at strategic, tactical and operational levels.   LO3 Apply relevant management, customer service, business continuity and compliance approaches to the management of facilities.   In your discussion for each question i.e. 1, 2, and 3, you are expected to clearly identify all the main points. Table 1 p. 4 provides additional information on how your work will be graded.   To assist you with completing this work, 03 reports with varying marks classifications have been presented in Blackboard under the folder tilted  ‘ ……’ You are reminded not to reproduce or plagiarise this material.  
  PREPARATION FOR THE ASSESSMENT   There are written and video materials on Blackboard to assist you write the report. Material on Strategic FM, Outsourcing of FM Services, FM Models for the Provision of Services   are directly related to this assignment. Research material is also contained in the folder titled Further Reading.   The module tutor is available anytime to discuss the assignment. However, you will need to book an appointment through email.  
  RELEASE DATES AND HAND IN DEADLINE   Assessment Release date: [22/11/2021]   Assessment Deadline Date and time: [25/02/22; 23:59]   Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!   Your feedback/feed forward and mark for this assessment will be provided on [31/03/2022, Blackboard]  
  SUBMISSION DETAILS   The required word count for this assignment is 2500 words. This is subject to a + or – 10% compensation. In other words, if the assessment length is 2500 words, submissions between 2250 and 2750 words would be acceptable. You will need to be careful in the way you use the word count to support key arguments and facts in your report. Where possible, supplement information with material contained in the appendices.   The assignment must be submitted through Turnitin that would allow the module tutor to check for improper use of sources or potential plagiarism by scanning through numerous databases.   You need to complete and attach the  Coursework Cover Sheet  p. 5 as first page of your submission.   Presenting coursework for assessment   Your written assignments must be presented in the following format:   It must be word-processed in 12-point Arial font. Line spacing should be 1,5 linesIt must be black text on a white or ivory backgroundAll pages must be numberedMargins must be as follows: Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm, Left: 2.54 cm, Right: 2.54 cmIt should not contain your name(s)The number of words (excluding the front cover, title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list, bibliography or appendices) should be stated at the end of the submission.The following file-naming convention should be used for submissions of BN3040 assignment. [Module code] [Assignment title] [Student number] i.e. [BN3040] [Outsourcing of FM Services] [2894573]  
  HELP AND SUPPORT   Direct your queries to the module tutor: For support with using library resources, please contact <The School Librarian or Subject You will find links to lots of useful resources in the My Library tab on Blackboard. If you have not yet made the university aware of any disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term health or mental health condition, please complete a Disclosure Form.  The Inclusive Support team will then contact to discuss reasonable adjustments and support relating to any disability.  For more information, visit the Inclusive Support site.To access mental health and wellbeing support, please complete our online referral form. Alternatively, you can email, call 01772 893020 or visit our UCLan Wellbeing Service pages for more information.If you have any other query or require further support you can contact The <i>, The Student Information and Support Centre.  Speak with us for advice on accessing all the University services as well as the Library services. Whatever your query, our expert staff will be able to help and support you. For more information , how to contact us and our opening hours visit Student Information and Support Centre.If you have any valid mitigating circumstances that mean you cannot meet an assessment submission deadline and you wish to request an extension, you will need to apply online prior to the deadline.

Table 1: General Assessment criteria BN3040 Assignment

 Less than 49%50-5960-6970+
    General Guide to the Assessment Criteria     ANALYSIS SYNTHESIS & CONCLUSIONThe report is based wholly on some sort of superficial theoretical knowledge about the different issues under discussion. It is difficult to ascertain the standpoint of the students on the relevant issues. Relevant research materials have not been applied to discuss the issues. Unable to examine material and present ideas in logical fashion. Report is mainly descriptive focusing on some irrelevant disjointed issue on the topic. Most of the critical issues are presented in bullet points. The report lacks logicality and coherency. The report has been written in such a way that it does not present any fresh or new ideas about the issues under discussion. The reader remains unconvinced of the cogency of the ideas presented. There is lack of coherency and presentation on the facts and arguments. Lack of sound professional advice on the way forward. Structure, grammar, citation, and referencing are poor.  The report demonstrates fair knowledge base on some of the critical issues about the outsourcing of cleaning services in the NHS. The student has applied some relevant research material to articulate and discuss the critical issues. The ideas are poorly structured and presented. Little evidence of relating the discussion to the scenario described in the assignment brief. Evidence of synthesis of literature to discuss issue of outsourcing as stated in the assignment brief. The output is presented in such a way that the author’s position is only stating to be clear. Some professional advice on the way forward, however, this is not based on sound argument and literature.The report demonstrates a strong knowledge base that is supported with relevant literature. The student’s standpoint is clear, and there is some evidence that it is supported with relevant literature. There is also thorough understanding of the issues under investigation i.e. attributes to consider in the outsourcing of cleaning, etc Some examples are given to highlight the issues discussed in the body of the report. Author can link the different issues in the report in a succinct fashion. The discussion is connected to the scenario in the assignment brief. The salient issues are discussed and evidenced in the report. The output includes sound new ideas on the outsourcing of cleaning services in the NHS. It contains sound judgement and positioning on the issues.  The professional advice provided to the Government is drawn from the issues discussed in the body of the report.  In addition, can discuss and highlight limits in the knowledge base of outsourcing/in-house debate. The discussion is supported with some practical lessons on the issues under investigation. Key text and other relevant sources are used throughout the discussion. The author’s standpoint is clear and are supported with relevant literature. The report contains a clear and authoritative critique of relevant literature from wide variety of sources. The report is presented in such a way that the reader can establish clear connection between the different sections. The different issues covered in questions 1, 2, 3 are linked and discussed in-depth. There is also clear connection between the discussion and scenario being discussed. In each section, there is evidence of the author bringing together the salient points to highlight the issues. Novel comments to critique the issues. The output includes well developed new ideas on outsourcing with cogent evidence that the analysis is appropriate It provides sound conclusion on the way forward with the outsourcing of cleaning services in the NHS. The author shows confidence in their ability and indicates the capacity to think autonomously in complex and demanding and practical situations. The structure, grammar, citation and reference list are well presented.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this assessment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikely event that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and a new version of this assessment brief will be circulated.Version: 1
\"University    EngineeringCoursework Cover Sheet Assessment Title: Outsourcing of FM Services

Students should add this coversheet, to the start of their assessment before submission through Turnitin.

Seminar Tutor (If appropriate):
Module Title: XXXProgramme Title: XXX
Module Code: XXXYear of Study: XXX

Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Declaration

By attaching this front cover sheet to my assessment I confirm and declare that I am the sole author of this work, except where otherwise acknowledged by appropriate referencing and citation, and that I have taken all reasonable skill and care to ensure that no other person has been able, or allowed, to copy this work in either paper or electronic form, and that prior to submission I have read, understood and followed the University regulations as outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure for Academic Misconduct available at the following link:
Have you checked the following in order to maximise the grade you can achieve for this assignment?Please mark X to confirm
Learning Outcomes have been addressed 
Similarity check via Turn-it-in 
Referencing accuracy according to provided guide 
Word count (or other length limitation as described in the brief) 


  We wish to support any student who is experiencing mitigating circumstances which prevents students from performing to the best of their ability when completing or submitting assignments. If you are experiencing such circumstances then you may apply for mitigating circumstances. Wherever possible this must be done prior to handing your assignment.      I believe that I do / I do not need to apply for mitigating circumstances for this assignment at this moment in time   Please delete as appropriate   (You may still apply for mitigating circumstances if you subsequently feel that your performance has been adversely affected by issues that you may currently be unaware of).  

SELF – REFLECTION This section suggested for inclusion if appropriate to the assessment otherwise can be deleted

Assessment Criteria:   Details of this can be found in the assignment brief. In order to ensure the assessment process is fair, we want to make sure that the assessment criteria are clear to you in advance.Self-Evaluation:   Simply rate how you think this assessment will perform against the assessment criteria; i.e. 1st (very good/excellent), 2:1 (good), 2:2 (competent), 3rd (basic), fail (weak).   This helps us provide detailed comments on your work and clarify things you do not understand  
e.g. Understanding, including knowledge   
e.g. Applying, including analysis and evaluation   
e.g. Researching, including range of sources, referencing and citation   
e.g. Communicating, including structure, clarity of argument and use of English   

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