Management Decision Making for Businesses

LO1 – Analyse the essential components of common business problems of
varying complexity and formulate appropriate managerial solutions, cognisant of
the organisational and governance structures in which these are made.
LO2 – Select and apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques in the
framing, analysis, and solution of management decisions

    Prepare and record a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation about your company. In
    this assessment, you are asked to answer two questions using concepts learned
    in the module and data from your company in the simulation game. Please note
    that although all students in your team will use the same data – that of your
    sneaker company – you are asked do your own analysis of your company’s
    University of Westminster, WBS January 2022
    Management Decision Making for Businesses 5MNST006W
    Question 1
    Describe the competitive strategy chosen by your company and the reasons for
    choosing this strategy. In your answer, discuss the threat of potential entrants,
    the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, and the threat of substitute
    Question 2
    Explain the profits/losses of your company in the Sneaker Simulation Game. In
    your answer, compare the performance of the different market segments in
    which you operate using the concepts of break-even point (BEP) and
    contribution margin (CM). In this question, you are expected to calculate the
    BEP and CM, interpret the results, use them to explain your profits/losses, and
    make recommendations for the future of your company.
    Please record your presentation on Panopto. Click on the link below for
    instructions on how to do it.
    Instructions for recording a PowerPoint presentation using Panopto Capture
    Note: the best option is to record ‘video and screen’ using Panopto capture.
    If you have not used Panopto before, try it out well in advance of the submission
    deadline. This will ensure that if you have any technical difficulties, you can get
    help from the Service Desk or your seminar tutor.
    Name report with company name and market, for example, ‘sneakers are us”,
    London. Submission is via Blackboard Assignment

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