HM104 GE154 Introduction to Tourism

2022A BS416 International Marketing Assignment 1
Assignment 1 (individual assignment)
15% of course mark
Due date: 01 April 2022
Submit 1500 words (+/-10%) using “Times New Roman” font, font size 12, 1.5 line
What you need to do:
You have been tasked to conduct an international market analysis which you will
identify and recommend to your client the most suitable country/market. Presentation
should include:

  1. Cover sheet – to include your name, student number, word count.
  2. A short introduction to the presentation.
  3. Briefly introduce THREE countries/markets that are selected for this market
    analysis. Identify and briefly justify the countries included in this analysis.
  4. A \’rough market screening\’ in which you apply the appropriate concepts to help you
    to systematically carry out the market screening of identified countries using all
    necessary secondary sources.
  5. A ‘market ranking process’ that helps you rank the identified countries. Before
    ranking, you are required to outline and justify your choice of criteria which are used
    for this process. The outcome of this process will lead to one most suitable target
    country/market for your client.
  6. A \’fine market screening\’ of the target country/market, including your approach to
    market segmentation, your recommended market segment(s), analysis of consumer
    behaviour of the market segment(s), and analysis of the competitive environment.
  7. Reference List – excluded from word count.
    Your Market Analysis Task is an assessment of your ability to make management
    decisions in a global marketing environment. The assignment is not only about
    applying the frameworks and analysing the potential markets but also to show the
    ability to select relevant market screening and ranking criteria on which you base your
    decisions. The task must be supported by well-considered justification i.e. why you
    choose the countries for rough screening, what are the criteria you choose for
    screening and ranking frameworks, and how you arrive at these selections and the
    final choice of a target market.
    Remember that you are submitting your report to your client so there is no need to
    include any background information about their company (they know their own
    company better than you do!). Your assignment is to help them to look for
    international opportunities.
    Note: Your market analysis must focus on identifying consumer segments that do not
    share the same ethnic/national culture as your own. For example, you must not
    choose to target a Chinese product at the Chinese immigrants in another country.
    Rather, your focus should be on identifying crosscultural market opportunities to
    target the main (normally the largest) ethnic consumer group(s) of the country from
    your research.

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