Gender and Sexualities

Gender and sexualities

  1. Is doing gender a \’useful concept\’ for understanding gender? You should draw upon at least two examples from sociology research, discussed in the course readings, in your answer.
  2. Why is it important to adopt an intersectional approach to the study of genders and/or sexualities?

Introduction to socila anthropology.
How does social anthropolohy engage with one of these critical issues; culture nature, power, resistance? In developing your answer you should identify and discuss a detailed example of relevant research from the course readings.

health ineqalities.
Describe what the \’Glasgow Effect\’ is an d explain why Glasgow experiences high levles of health inequality , drawing on releant accounts from two readings.

To what extent can individuals control their health outcomes? in answering question, draw from at least two course reading to provide relevant examples.

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