Ethics & Orgs: Responsibility & Justice Post Graduate

Assessment: Essay
The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate your understanding of core ideas, concepts and debates in the field of Ethics and Organization, as discussed in the lectures. This means you must evidence your knowledge by drawing on core ideas, concepts and debates attended to in the lectures, workshops and readings. You are also expected to augment these debates with your own thoughts, reflections and examples.

  1. Choose the cause that you would like to support and to which you wish to donate (this can be any charity or organization that advances your valued cause). Provide a 500-word account highlighting the motivation for your choice (25%).
  2. Are corporate scandals the \’new normal\’? A corporate scandal can occur any time there is evidence of unethical behaviour or negligence that impacts a company’s reputation. Write a 500 -word blog entry covering one of the scandals that you think is topical. (25%)
  3. A moral conflict is a situation in which a person has two moral obligations, which cannot be met both at once. Behind these obligations lie conflicting values. A moral dilemma is an irresolvable moral conflict, i.e. no fully satisfactory resolution is possible since all possible options for action leave behind some moral objections. Choose your own example of a moral dilemma, and in 500 words, explain why this dilemma is difficult to solve (25%).
  4. In his discussion of pluralistic thinking (thinking that incorporates multiple views of the world), Amartya Sen suggests that the power of individual identity (our vision of ourselves, our understanding of our heritage, culture, history, etc.) could be challenged by the power of other competing identities. In our normal life we see ourselves as members of a variety of groups, such as a person\’s citizenship, profession, religion, gender, class, politics, taste in music, sports, etc. Each of these groups gives us part of our identity. Please list 5 categories of identity with which you closely associate. Provide a 500-word account highlighting how these 5 categories might influence your job- related decisions (25%).
    Guarantee 60+ grades
    This must use the theory knowledge on the class, otherwise you will 0 points directly, see courseware

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