• This is a Midwifery dissertation
  • This is the discussion part of a dissertation.
  • Remember you are relating this to the UK and bring it back each time to how the cultural beliefs are imbedded in the communities within the UK.
  • As this is a Midwifery project, link the roles of a midwife on this issue
  • This project should consist of primary and secondary research
  • Explore and criticise research or findings from other people regarding different countries. Remember to always bring it back to the UK.
  • Additionally, try to discuss where cultural beliefs come from and add some of your findings whilst relating the impact of these to the communities within the UK.
  • Please reference accordingly including intext citation
  • Academic references within 5 years only.

Furthermore, the dissertation will be enclosed within a summation of four objectives, the objectives will be split into 4 chapters, 1500 word per chapter

  • CHAPTER ONE:  Scholarly overview of the cross-cultural provisions on how breastfeeding in public places is taboo in the UK.
  • CHAPER TWO:  Determine the relationship between breastfeeding in public, and the perceptions on the cultural features embodying the public exposure of a woman’s nudity.
  • CHAPTER THREE:  Determining the values attached to publicizing a substantive breastfeeding program.
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Enforcing a culturally based environment when handling the breastfeeding process.

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