Consumer Behaviour and Service (BS411)

Hong Kong Institute of Technology

Consumer Behaviour and Service (BS411)

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment: (30% of the course assessment)

Due Date: 01 April 2022                                                                                 15 – 20 PPT slides


Select one of the following product categories:

  1. Fast-food restaurants
  2. Mobile phone network services
  3. Hotel for your vacation
  4. Shampoo
  5. TV


Based on the theory of Consumer Decision Process, make use of 15 – 20 PPT slides to explain your choice of decision-making process for selecting the above product or service. In your view, how you constitute your evoked set of final decision in this approach.


  • Assignment title, name of student, submission date must be appeared on 1st slide.
  • Content in English.
  • No handwriting, contents must be word-processed (PPT Format). No presentation is required.
  • Incorrect format will deduct 10% of total marks.

Other Requirement

  • PPT (soft copy) submission deadline is on 01 April 2022 before 23:55 Hours; late submission with 1 – 3 days will deduct 25% of the total marks. No marks will be given for submission 3 days after the deadline.
  • Never attempt to plagiarize as it will result in zero mark.


Hong Kong Institute of Technology

Consumer Behaviour and Service (BS411)

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment (mark sheet)

Name of Student:                                                                                                         


Submission Date: __________________________________________________                                                               

Marking Scheme

Assignment Grading Criteria

 Marks (1-10)WeightingActual
Introduction 5% 
Illustration of the theory 10% 
Analysis by means of your decision process 40% 
Conclusion 25% 
Readiness of the contents 10% 
Make use other information to support your argument (picture or figure etc.) 10% 
Total: 100% 
Missing / PlagiarismIncomplete / Some parts missing / Too SimpleAcceptable / All parts includedOutstanding / Own words / Critical & In-depth in content

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