Classroom Management

I stand by Classroom Management as being a significant factor in educational
settings. I believe that when a student feels they are in a safe environment, then
successful learning can begin. This is not to say that I am here to punish
behavior conflicts but rather provide a combination of setting the tone in a
class, through interesting and engaging curriculums that prevent behavior
conflicts. My major goal for all my students to be able to have successful
learning is to have the right environment for good classroom management.
Philosophical Statement:
I am thankful to have the opportunity to create a safe and challenging learning
environment for my students to be engaged. I look forward to the feedback of
my students as well as getting to know them and interacting with them oneon-one. I strongly stand by that meeting the needs of students is a very
important part of the classroom. It is promised that my encouraging, positive
attitude every day towards my students will create a comfortable environment
for their growth. Keeping the students involved in their learning is my goal,
through motivation and having students interest in curriculum. When students
feel they are more involved in the classroom as a whole, they are not only
engaging in the class but they are also learning.

will take place in the following routine. At the beginning of the year, students
will be placed in groups, which are subject to change each month. For each month, a line
leader will be assigned to take role of the group of students and deliver the message to me
through color cards. Cards will be held with two hands, raised up high so it is visible to
everyone and in a quiet manner. represents all present, will mean waiting on a
student, and will be absence of a student. Each month the line leader will be rotated
because in Ms. Florez’s class, everyone has opportunities.
: Students are recommended to use the restroom and get a
drink of water before coming into class and arriving on time. Students are allowed 2 in class
water breaks and 1 restroom break. Buddy system will be the routine students follow for in
class breaks. I believe in the idea of never traveling alone in a big setting for students. At the
beginning of the year, each student will be assigned a buddy.
will be responsible for checking in with me if they show up late to class. This
will be done in a verbal, face to face manner or if I am teaching the class then the student will
discretely raise their hand as a signal to me. Students are only allowed 1 late jail free card
where their tardiness will be excused by me. After the 1 free card, if the student is late again
anytime in the school year then the student will be asked to fill out a form explaining why
they were late and will be required to have their parents sign the form before next class.
It is common for students to get really excited about our activities and
sometimes that excitement can come off strong to another student. The routine for
resolving conflict is done in a series of steps for the students with my supervision. Step one:
Hands out-Palms facing up. This is not a sign of physical harm to the other students, it is a
sign meant to say hold on, time out. Step two: Explain the problem to one another. Step
three: Listen to each other while explaining their side of issue. Step four: Brainstorm a
solution together. This may require some of my assistance to suggest some solutions. Step
five: Shake hands and to continue the closure, Step six: Give a compliment or a Thank you to
one another. Now these steps will always be available to the students on multiple posters
through the gym and classroom. So if needed, the students will remove themselves, within
my perception, to stand in front of a Conflict Crash poster and resolve the conflict.
are bound to happen and it can be important to let the students know the
difference between being hurt and being injured. Students should report all injuries to me
immediately using our personal number code: #1 would imply minor injury, #2 a possible
serious injury, #3 serious, and send for help.
will be a routine through an act of student-self assessment. Each day on the way
out of the gym or classroom, students will hit one of four grading signs: wow, good job,
keep on trying, need more effort. The student’s choice will indicate to me how they
performed in that day’s lesson. Students will be told about this self-assessment test at the
beginning of the year and during each class I will encourage “Bonus Challenges” to try and
reach the wow level for that day.
. To get the students to their designated circle spots, I will call out “Last
group dances” and this means that the last group to have their line leader hold up their
attendance card will have to do a little dance in front of the rest of the class. In this rewarding
activity, the outcome is based on attendance and being on time to class. The group lines that
the students are in during class attendance is their team. How this activity will work is
through a point system that will be accumulated each month. 3 points for full team
attendance and on time, 2 points if one team member has an excused absences (taking into
consideration of sick days or injury days), and 1 point if a team is present but a team member
is late to class by 5 minutes. At the end of each month, I calculate the team’s points and the
winning team receives Slurpee’s on the first day of the following month.
This activity takes place at the end of each lesson where
students will have the opportunity to share with me a name of a student who showed good
character and tell me why. There is no contest of which students receives the most
compliments, it only takes one day to get a chance at the treasure chest. The treasure chest is
filled with small toy prizes and will be picked out at the end of each week when I reveal the
names of the good character students for the week. This activity will help any conflict crashes
in a way that students will want to resolve conflicts instead of having conflicts. To encourage
this activity to continue, I will ask the winners of first week to be involved in choosing a
student the following week. Treasure for Good Character activity will help the students to try
their best at encouraging others to have good character. As well at students showing
examples of the first set of our class rules, S.U.P.E.R.
This activity will give the students the opportunity to show their peers and
me their understanding of our classroom rules, As well as being able to
practice their routine of avoiding any conflicts during the activity. One team at a time will
perform a class rule while the rest of the teams try to guess the rule. I will write out each rule
on a separate piece of paper and place it into a bowl for the students to come up and
randomly draw out. One student from each group will come up and select a rule and then
each team will have about 7 minutes to come up with a skit. One group at a time will present
their charade to the class.

will be the activity we play to practice our routine of using the buddy
system for water and bathroom breaks. Following the rule that student must walk to the
restrooms and not rush to get water. Lines are formed with students standing next to their
buddies and everyone facing water area where I will be standing. Red light, Green light game
will start and students will work with their buddies on successfully getting to the water area.

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