children’s social care services


These two assignments are UK based, unlike the essays at the end of the semester, which can be focused on issues anywhere in the world.

Children’s Commissioner for England (CCE) (2020) Private provision in children’s social care,   accessed 30/01/2021

A portfolio is a collection of separate pieces of work that when presented together give an overview of the author’s interaction with a range of different elements. They can cover a long period of time, for example when architects collate their most successful designs to showcase to a new client. Alternatively, they can cover a shorter time-span, when someone collates different materials and sources on a topic of interest. This assignment for SOCI4053 is of the latter kind, covering the first part of the module.

There are three sections (see below). You are advised to start working on these sooner rather than later, so that in the week of the hand-in, you have time to edit your work, check it for spelling and grammar mistakes, and make sure the referencing complies with the referencing guidelines. You will have assessments to do for other modules around the same time, so it will be beneficial to get this one done, giving you a good chance to produce good work for all your modules.

The total wordcount for the portfolio is 2,000 words, with roughly equal wordcounts for each section. Each section needs to be coherent in itself, with a brief but correctly presented reference list, i.e 4-5 sources, and correct in-text referencing.

The topic the first two sections is: children’s social care provision – see link above

Section 1: What are childrens social care services? (advisory completion date: before 4 March)

Present an overview of what social care services are available and needed for children. This is a descriptive task, but be careful not to rely on central government sources only. Use information from organisations such as the Local Government Association, Citizens Advice Bureau, Institute for Government.

Section 2: What are the main dilemmas for accountability in private sector provision of childrens social care services? (advisory completion date: before 11 March)

This section needs to include a conceptual discussion, showing you understand different elements and ideas of accountability. You then need to discuss any tensions between the public sector’s need for accountability and the private sector’s tendency towards escaping accountability. This section needs to be based on academic sources, using correct referencing.

Section 3: Are there examples of good and bad practice in private provision of public services? (advisory completion date: before 18 March)

Find case studies of where private provision of public services has worked well, and other cases where major problems have occurred. This section is not based on academic sources and can include stories in different media. This is a descriptive section, but you still need to be careful how you present your information, e.g. be careful not to present emotive/colloquial language, or to rely on statements from politicians. Present one positive example and one negative example. This section is based on public services of any kind. The portfolio does not need an intro or a summary/conclusion. Use headings to distinguish each section. Make sure you edit each section and make it as clear and readable as possible, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, and presenting correct referencing in each section!, when you collate the three sections into one file

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