Chapter 2 – The Brain and Behavior QUIZ and “Creative Brain” Assignment

Directions- Please complete both the quiz(part 1) and the assignment (parts 2). Post in canvas by the due date

TOTAL VALUE= 100 points

PART 1- Quiz

Quiz Value= 50 points

Please type your answers to the following quiz questions and post in canvas by the due date. Please number your answers. NO LATE QUIZ ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED- so please submit on time. You will not be penalized for wrong answers as long as it is clear that you attempted to answer the questions using the material that you read in the text. Correct answers to the quiz questions will be posted after the due date of this assignment. You are expected to check your own answers for accuracy.

  1. The basic units of the brain that process, store and transmit information are the?
  2. Too much of which neurotransmitter may be related to schizophrenia?
  3. What are the 2 major divisions of the nervous system?
  4. Which nervous system is responsible for involuntary tasks?
  5. You got in a very heated argument with your co-worker. Afterward, you had a stomach-ache. This likely happened because digestion was shut down during the argument by which part of the nervous system?
  6. Vision occurs in which lobes of the brain?
  7. What chemicals in the brain are linked to pain control and pleasure?
  8. What are the main functions in the temporal lobe region?

PART 2- “Creative Brain” ASSIGNMENT

Assignment Value = 50 points

Directions: This assignment should be submitted right below your quiz answers and posted in canvas by the due date. Using what you have read from chapter 2 about the different parts of the brain, choose one of the parts of the brain and create one of the following:

  1. A Song- create song lyrics using the part of the brain that you have chosen and its functions. For this option you would type up the song lyrics and submit in canvas. Do it to the beat of your favorite song- just change the lyrics so that it becomes information about the brain part and its functions. (then be really cool and go perform the song for your friends)
  2. A poem- type a poem about the brain part and its functions.
  3. A newsletter- create a newsletter about one part of the brain and its functions. You can include graphics, clip art, borders etc.

Parts/Areas of the Brain:

Amygdala                                                                        Association areas

Brainstem                                                                        Cerebellum

Cerebral Cortex                                                             Corpus Callosum

Medulla                                                                           Hypothalamus   

Pituitary gland                                                               Sensory cortex

Visual cortex                                                                  Wernicke’s area

Angular gyrus                                                                 Broca’s area

Hippocampus                                                                 Thalamus            

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