Business Project Management

This module is assessed by one 4500-word report, accounting for 100% of the overall mark.

Organisational life can be complex and challenging. Opportunities can present themselves or issues develop which must be tackled. The response to such situations is often some form of project.

Different approaches and methods have emerged that a would-be project manager might call upon. They are designed for a range of different purposes. Making astute judgements about the focus and scope of a project, as well as how to tackle it, are important considerations – they can mean the difference between success and failure. Execution is another crucial phase. Finally, critical reflection on how well a project went can be a vital source of learning for the future.

This assignment challenge requires you to choose one of the two project management approaches covered during the module and apply it to one of the two scenarios provided. Each scenario is more suited to one approach than the other – making and justifying a sound choice here is part of your challenge.

In this assignment you are required to produce a 4500-word report. Within this report you will –

  • Introduce the report content and describe the organisational scenario that was tackled by the project,
  • Set out which project management approach was used in the scenario previously described, from the two introduced during the module,
  • Offer discussions which critically evaluate and justify your selection of project management approach, demonstrating clearly to readers why it was more suited to the task than the other approach
  • Provide a detailed write up demonstrating your application of the tools and techniques from your chosen project management approach to the situation, including, where appropriate, evidence-based recommendations for improvement,
  • conclude with critical reflections on undertaking this project using your selected project management approach, setting out any learning for the future that can be drawn from this experience.
  • Within your report, make effective use of a wide range of relevant academic literature.

Further detailed guidance on the requirements for this assignment is provided in the Marking Guidance Sheets at the end of this document. This includes cross referencing to the module learning outcomes. There is a sheet for the lean systems approach and one for the traditional approach. You are only required to refer to one of these. The one to use depends upon what choice of project management approach you make. Please ensure you refer to the guidance sheet for the approach that you are using in your assignment.

All reports should be presented in Arial font, size 11 with 1.5 line spacing. The report should begin with a title page, followed by a contents page, with the main body of the report beginning on page 3. If you wish to include any additional material in an appendix, it should be placed at the end of the report, following the reference list.

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