ABCT1D15:  Our Endangered Earth

Academic essay

Use this checklist before submitting your draft to ensure that it meets all the requirements. If you are missing any of the required elements, revise the draft. Submit the completed checklist (as part of the assignment cover) together with your draft.

   Your draft
is a word document
is submitted together with the assignment cover and this checklist
is 700 words long (for draft 1) OR
is 1,500 words long (for draft 2)
uses headings and subheadings
includes a reflection (for Draft 2 only and submitted on Learn@PolyU EW site)
 Introduction (length: about 10% of the whole essay)
set out the issue/crisis of your essay: if necessary, define (limit/clarify/specify) your topic
explain briefly why this issue/crisis is important or worth discussing
state the purposes of your essay: i.e. causes, consequences, and cures
give a brief overview of the structure of the essay
 Body paragraphs  
discuss causes and consequences (for draft 1)   
expand on causes and consequences, and include cures/solutions (for draft 2)  
use plenty of signposting to help your reader follow your discussion
explore just one or two ideas/points in each paragraph    
give evidence using sources (reading materials) 
use citations to acknowledge your source of information 
 Conclusion (length: about 10% of the whole essay)
summarise key points on causes, consequences and cures in your essay
end possibly with a word of hope or warning
Have you used integral citations, non-integral citations and direct quotations correctly?
Have you used a wide range of quality sources? (the final draft submitted to the CAR teacher must have at least five sources)
Does your reference list match your in-text citations?
Have you followed the APA style (7th edition) consistently?  

Note: For this essay, your teacher suggests that you use the APA referencing style. To help you get the style right, go to OR

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