ABCT1D15:  Our Endangered Earth

English Writing Requirement Assignment Template (Semester TWO)
Subject code ABCT 1D15
Subject title Our Endangered Earth
Credit value 3
CAR Teacher:
Name and PolyU NetID
kchileung, cttwong
Weighting of the Writing
Requirement assignment
(At least 40% of the subject final grade
i.e. 10% fixed from ELC + minimum 30% from CAR teacher)
Can be higher if the CAR teacher has chosen to assess the Reading
Requirement with this assignment. Reading Requirement needs
to be 10% of the subject grade.
Word limit Draft 1: 700 words
Draft 2: 1,500 words
Final submission: 2,500 words or above
Academic Essay
Assignment instructions The course paper will require students to present an
environmental issue of their choice and to discuss its cause,
consequence and how the issue can be tackled, based on available
scientific evidence.
Choice of environmental issue can be based on newspaper or
media reports.
This essay allows you to demonstrate your understanding of
general environmental science, theories, and principles covered
in the course as you apply them to critically analyse an
environmental case/issue of your choosing.
Your discussion of the environmental issue should include
causes, consequences, and how the issue can be tackled, based on
available scientific evidence. Critical thinking and analytical skills
are useful.
Role of reading You are expected to use outside reading materials to support
your discussion and analysis. For example, please consult peerreviewed journals and government/international organization
Other language sources are also acceptable, but English sources
are preferred.
A minimum of FIVE references are required.
Structure of essay As with any academic essay, there should be an introduction,
body paragraphs and a conclusion. You should also give your
essay a title.
The introduction should contain relevant background
information about the topic you have chosen. Then, clearly write
out the aim of the essay by using a thesis. This will make the
scope of your essay clear to the reader. Include an overview of
what the different parts of your essay will be about.
In the body paragraphs, write out the different sections in the
same order as you have said in your overview.
Write a conclusion to summarize all the different parts in your
Draft 1 (700 words)
 Presentation of environmental issue of choice
 Analysis of cause and consequences of issue
Draft 2 (1500 words)
 Presentation of environmental issue of choice
 Analysis of cause and consequences of issue
 Presenting potential solutions to the issue
 Conclusion
References / Formatting style
APA reference style
 Use of headings or sub-headings is encouraged
 Pictures, figures, illustrations or tables may be used, and
their sources should be properly credited
Submission deadlines
Please indicate when and how the
final draft will be submitted.
 Option 2:
Submission of first draft to ELC: 20 FEB (SUN) 23:59, Week 5
Feedback report release date: 6 MAR (SUN) 23:59, Week 7
Submission of second draft to ELC: 20 MAR (SUN) 23:59, Week 9
Feedback report release date: 3 APR (SUN) 23:59, Week 11
Submission of final draft to CAR teacher: 11 APR (MON), Week
13 or after (please specify:14/04 (Thu) 23:59__
Mode of submission for final draft:
Plagiarism There will be a talk about plagiarism and how to prevent it in the
lecture. They essay submitted via Learn@PolyU will also check
for potential cases of plagiarism.
Marking criteria ELC’s:
Task fulfilment (25%); Organisation (25%); Language (25%);
Revision (25%)
CAR teacher’s:
Analysis of the issue discussed: 30%
Application of environmental sciences principles: 25%
Relevance of solutions presented: 30%
Presentation/Organization: 15%
Orientation video for showing in class (Week 1-2)
\”Introducing English Writing Requirement\”
“EWR draft submission”
“EWR Support services”
“EWR Common submission issues”
Assignment Orientation support ( in Week 3-4 before first draft submission)
Please choose either Option 1 or 2

  1. EWR Liaison to give a briefing session on the assignment (around 30 mins)  YES
  2. EWR Liaison provides CAR teacher with voiced over assignment orientation ppts  YES
    If option 1 is preferred, please provide information for the in class orientation briefing:
    Date: 20/01/2022
    Time: 1830-1900
    Venue: PQ303
    Policy Note
    In order to pass the subject, students must pass the Writing component
    assessment, i.e., attain a minimum grade D in the Writing component. Please note
    that ELC score accounts for 10% of the Writing component score. Failing the ELC
    score does not mean failing the Writing component.
    To pass the Writing Requirement component, students are required to:
    (i) Study the online learning materials on meeting the Writing Requirement
    developed by ELC found on Learn@PolyU ( and
    complete the online writing activities in Learn@PolyU.
    (ii) Submit the Writing Requirement tasks assigned by the ELC instructor according
    to schedule, and perform satisfactorily in those tasks.
    Note: the ELC might post EWR assignment guidelines on its own website for student learning. The
    website is accessible by the PolyU community. (Please let us know if you have any concern
    regarding this).
    Additional questions for the CAR teacher:
  3. Roughly how much class time would you spend explaining this assignment?
  4. Do you give additional information to help students write this assignment?
  5. Do you or would you consider showing students good works from past years’ students?
    Thank you for your collaboration with the English Language Centre!

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