4 Tricks to Help You Write a Winning Essay

Topic essays may be written when applying for scholarships, competition, or as part of routine school work. You are provided with a specific theme, which you develop and make impressive. The judges or instructors want to test your communication skills and creativity that will leave a deep impact on them to rank your work as a winning essay.

 When writing a topic essay, every writer tries to do their best. However, many find it hard to achieve this goal due to the fear of failing. At some point, you may ask yourself, “who is going to write my essay for me?”. Instead, you should not worry yourself much and focus on improving your writing skills.

A winning essay follows instructions, uses clarity and is properly organized.

Here are 4 tricks that offer you essay help without much stress:  

  1. Plan Your Essay

Imagine writing a scholarship essay that promises you an opportunity to your dream school. Getting the chance could be a big deal. Therefore, it is important to plan well. You have to come up with convincing reasons why you deserve the scholarship.

Since the topic is already provided, you need to research and understand your audience. research is part of your planning as it gives you ideas on which angle to give your essay. The same case applies to any other type of essay you may be asked to write. Therefore, planning helps you select a creative approach to the topic. The judges are looking for a compelling essay worth reading, and a boring one will turn them off!

  • Write Your Essay

After coming up with a plan, putting the ideas into writing should not be difficult. Ensure your introduction is very powerful to grab your audience’s attention. Also, capture their emotions using real-life scenarios that they can relate to. For example, if you are writing about the Impacts of Covid-19 on education, you could focus on your personal experience. Personalized examples give your essay an intimate feeling to it.

Organize your ideas into clear paragraphs to show your strong communication abilities. Judges will dismiss a topic essay they find wordy or with mixed-up ideas. Have an introduction, clear body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes your ideas. Remember always to follow instructions and word count.

  • Editing

After writing your topic essay, ensure you proofread it before submission. Editing gives you the chance to address your mistakes. You can even read it loudly to yourself or a friend. That way, you may notice any structural or grammatical error that you did not see when writing.

Judges might ignore shoddy work because you are not keen on details. Your goal is to win, and thus, you must work hard to achieve it.

  • Stay Professional

A winning topic essay should follow all formal requirements. It should not contain funny fonts, emojis, curse words, or bias. Times New Roman font 12 is often the most acceptable style due to its readability and clarity.

Even if you have been asked to write about yourself, give your essay a professional tone. Unless you have been asked to, do not include photos. Also, avoid overused words as they show a lack of creativity. You can add a few puns that will engage your readers without going overboard.  However, you should remain professional and unique at all times.

Finally, keep in mind that winning essays have strict guidelines which you must follow. When planning your essay, develop your ideas along with the given instructions. Also, winning essays maintains creativity from beginning to end. If you feel stuck on where to start, consult online essay helper platforms for guidance.http://www.essay-gurus.com

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