ASSESSMENT: Group Presentation (Assignment 2)

Module Code:BHO0239
Module Title:Leadership: Process and Organisation in Context
Assessment Type (Initial)In class group presentation – 15 minutes
Academic Year2021/22 Term 2
Assessment Task 
** Assessment Details Subject to Internal Examiner Approval**   In groups of three/ four people, pick a company of your choice (avoiding any on the banned list below, or you will automatically fail).   Using at least one of the topics from those below, which have been covered within this module, prepare a presentation. The presentation should identify areas of strength and weakness of the company’s leadership and conclude with a succinct set of recommendations.   Topics Available: Storytelling; Leading global organisations; Gender/Diversity and Leadership   Groups must gain tutor approval of the company and topic/s   Format: PowerPoint Slides with presentation delivered in class. The presentations will be scheduled week c/o March 28th 2022.   Presentation Slides: One group member must submit the final copy of the group’s slides to Brightspace by Friday, 25nd of March 2022,15:00.   Maximum number of slides: 15 slides (including title slide and reference list)   % of Module: Presentation = 50%   Banned companies: Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Bodyshop, easyJet, Facebook, Haier, Huawei, Ikea, Samsung, Tencent.
Task specific guidance:   You must use leadership concepts and theories to support your arguments and recommendations.   You need to fully support your discussions with academic references from a number of sources. You must draw upon academic journals to support the work with examples of research carried out in the field of leadership and management. You must use reliable sources when discussing information relating to your chosen company.   In your slides you must include the following: Identify the company chosen and explain why you have chosen it;Critically evaluate examples of leadership from within the company chosen;Identify the strengths of the company’s leadership in line with leadership theory and the topic/s chosen;Identify the weaknesses of the company’s leadership in line with leadership theory and the topic/s chosen;Include some recommendations to improve the company’s leadership.      
General study guidance:   Cite all information used in your work which is clearly from a source. Try to ensure that all sources in your reference list are seen as citations in your work, and all names cited in the work appear in your reference list.    Reference and cite your work in accordance with the APA 7th system – the University’s chosen referencing style.  For specific advice, you can talk to your Business librarians or go to the library help desk, or you can access library guidance via the following link:APA 7th referencing:     The University has regulations relating to academic misconduct, including plagiarism. The Learning Innovation and Development Centre can advise and help you with how to avoid ‘poor scholarship’ and potential academic misconduct. You can contact them at   If you have any concerns about your writing, referencing, research or presentation skills, you are welcome to consult the Learning Innovation Development Centre team It is possible to arrange 1:1 consultation with a LIDC tutor once you have planned or written a section of your work, so that they can advise you on areas to develop. 

Do not exceed the slide and time limit.  
Assessment criteria
  The Assessment Criteria are shown the end of this document.  Your tutor will discuss how your work will be assessed/marked and will explain how the assessment criteria apply to this piece of work.  These criteria have been designed for your level of study.   These criteria will be used to mark your work and will be used to support the electronic feedback you receive on your marked assignment. Before submission, check that you have tried to meet the requirements of the higher-grade bands to the best of your ability. Please note that the marking process involves academic judgement and interpretation within the marking criteria.

The Learning Innovation Development Centre can help you to understand and use the assessment criteria.  To book an appointment, either visit them on The Street in the Charles Sikes Building or email them on  
Learning Outcomes
  This section is for information only.   The assessment task outlined above has been designed to address specific validated learning outcomes for this module. It is useful to keep in mind that these are the things you need to show in this piece of work.   On completion of this module, students will need to demonstrate:     Evidence an understanding of leadership issues and how the internal and external environments impact upon these; Appreciate the nature of leadership issues using relevant theories, concepts and practical experiences; Be able to apply a range of leadership concepts in order to critically analyse and evaluate leadership issues in the context of organisations and contribute to decision making; Identify and effectively communicate leadership issues in relation to the complexities of workplace contexts and managerial/leadership roles; Evidence self direction and the ability to use theories, concepts and principles in order to critically analyse and evaluate leadership issues and propose solutions; Make recommendations for the on-going management and leadership of individuals and/or teams in the workplace context.     Please note these learning outcomes are not additional questions.  
Submission information
Word/Time Limit:15 minutes
Submission Date:25/03/2022 (presentations taking place the following week)
Feedback Date:22/04/2022
Submission Time:15:00
Submission Method:Electronically via module site in Brightspace.  Paper/hard copy submissions are not required.  For technical support, please contact:  

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